Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy is available as a service at the Bundaroo centre from Tuesday to Thursday. Please phone (02) 4862 2559 for an appointment.

For more information on our accredited professional training at the Metavision Institute in Applied Holistic Counselling (Diploma) and Holistic psychotherapy (Advanced Diploma) visit the web site:www.metavision.com.au  or  Phone (02) 4862 2559 (International +612 4862 2559)


To work holistically in Counselling and Psychotherapy implies a “whole body” and “whole world” approach to counselling. Whole body includes body, mind, soul and spirit and whole world refers to Mindell’s ‘world work’ approach and Steiner’s Spiritual Science. These recognize that our inner work changes our surrounding “field” thereby influencing others in our lives with an ever- widening ripple effect.

Holistic counselling is a modern path of development where both therapist and client tread a “path made by walking” (Diamond) where they both bring increasing levels of awareness to the less conscious parts of themselves in order to:

  • Facilitate growth towards health and wholeness.
  • Become more integrated and authentic.
  • Bring greater harmony between self and others.

Holistic counselling follows an approach that maps the clients’ communication processes: both the conscious and less conscious aspects. It aims towards extending self-awareness as a purposeful means of moving forward. This teleological underpinning gives direction and meaning while simultaneously leaving both the direction and meaning completely free for the client to follow as they choose.

Each person carries within their own journey principal (i.e. the essence of their individuality and being). The task of therapy is to facilitate awareness of the essence of the clients’ journey and their unique relationship to that journey within the context of her/his life.
With a focus on strengths this approach is present and future oriented This is in contrast to many other therapeutic approaches where the focus is on past problems and pathologies.

It is the subtle attitudes, beliefs and understanding that we as therapists hold, and therefore bring to a therapeutic encounter, that make our work holistic, meaningful and relevant. 
To this end two the themes running through training at the Metavision Institute are:

  • Metaskills (Amy Mindell - feeling tone, attitudes and beliefs), together with an understanding of the human being in wholeness as a spiritual being incarnated in a physical body with soul forces engaged in a meaningful movement forward in tune with the zeitgeist (spirit of the times)are attended to. It is necessary to learn many tools along the way, but like any master craftsman, it is not the tools that make the difference but the way the tools are used.
  • Evolution of consciousness:  that works through each one of us individually and collectively. We are at a particular point in time in human evolution. Leading thinkers and researches, such as Ervin Lazlo in his book “Chaos Point”, refer to it as a tipping point where we have a choice to change our ways and break through to a new level of consciousness that is participatory, global and considerate of all peoples and our planet Earth; or break down into chaos, destruction and continued conflict. Awareness of evolving consciousness has led thinkers such as Ken Wilbur to develop his Integral Psychology and is growing as a counter to the creationist/evolutionist conflict  raging in USA

Just as in any holistic approach to therapy, for holistic counselling and psychotherapy to carry the impulse of healing needed in our times of isolation, separation and exploitation, it essential to heal the mind/ body split. This split has been carefully cultivated by our scientific paradigm in the medical mainstream professions for hundreds of years. Psychology which literally means science of the psyche (soul) arose in partial response to this split. The intellectual rationalism of medical science, where psychology had its roots, has severely limited the influence of soul in Psychology.  Essential to healing the mind/body split, soul as an activity, rather than an entity, must be restored to its place of importance.

Soul enlivenment breathes life into body awareness, and interiority to spiritual knowing and links the two. The healing impulse needed in our times is towards soul consciousness which can connect each one of us to our own journey principal (our individual essence) with that of the planet and our global community. Soul consciousness can act like a sense that links the intelligence of the head with that of the heart thereby bringing healing that is urgently needed today.

Holistic counselling and psychotherapy as an expression of spiritual psychology is a modern path of initiation and training for life. 

In the past it was in the temple traditions and esoteric schools that inner development and an initiatory path was usually found. The purpose of this path was to enable the initiate to develop spiritual perception, wisdom and capability that, through them then became available for the community as a whole. This was done either directly or indirectly, overtly as in the skills of the Shaman, or covertly as in traditions such as the Knights Templar who passed down esoteric knowledge and protected it for future humanity. The impulse that was carried in the esoteric schools of the past is now available to any that desire it. We have a global community, global awareness and a World Wide Web that readily makes information available. However if it were only information that is needed the world would be in a very different state from the way it is today.

It is the conscious awareness and inner development required in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, that makes the difference needed to transforms current Psychology to Spiritual Psychology, changes our attitudes and transforms our relationship to ourselves, each other and the environment, and begins to heal the mind/body/soul/spirit split.

The development of our Holistic approach, as spiritual psychology, stands on the shoulders of many great people who have gone before us. Psychology is a relatively young science, a little over 100 years old, and has many great thinkers and therapists who have contributed a rich body of knowledge. In the training at the Metavision Institute the influences that inform our approach is studied. 

Then we start to build our toolkit of skills. This is done in a learning environment that is stimulating, experiential and relational. Each student joins a particular cohort of students who are fellow travelers in a learning journey and to which each belongs. It is the relationships that develop, and the dynamics in the group that is the life blood for our learning. It is through warm hearted support, experiential practice of skills learnt, and the rubbing and discomfort of tensions, difficulties, likes and dislikes, that our soul is enlivened and awakened. Through this process a sense of self deepens, metaskills expand and consciousness is raised.

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