Holistic Therapy


Based on a holistic paradigm where there is no split between mind and body, energy and matter, different aspects of the human condition can be addressed using Holistic Therapy. Drawing on a tool box of skills from over 30 years of clinical experience I have developed an approach to therapy that is individually tailored to the client. Sometimes it is a person’s attitude, relationship or a self belief that is causing illness. Then talking therapy may be appropriate.

At other times changes and disharmony in the physical body or energy body… are paramount and must be addressed. I use acupuncture (Ancient Chinese Medical treatment using fine needles to balance the body via Qi or energy) and herbal remedies. The type of remedy chosen , whether it be a raw substance in pill, powder or liquid form, or more highly refined as in an essence or potentised form, depends on the condition, age and strength of the patient, and on the type and location of the problem, illness or symptom.

Often it is a combination of the tools from my tool kit that are used.


Diagnosis is of central importance in this holistic therapy. Where is the primary seat of the presenting problem? I ask myself. Is it in the physical/energetic system, in the psyche or is it primarily a spiritual matter?

 The use of Tongue and Pulse diagnosis from Traditional Chinese Medicine are invaluable in differential diagnosis. Reading the pulse is like having a glass bottom boat with which to view a beautiful coral reef. Both the tongue and pulse give a holographic picture of the function of the energy system of the human being. Clients often ask how I know they have a specific symptom – the pulse and tongue tell much as does hearing the symptom picture and the story which are all part of the detective work of diagnosis.

 In this work the practitioner becomes a tuning fork to resonate with the subtle signs and signals that tell of each unique situation. This is a skillful art not unlike that of the traditional fishermen who can read the subtle messages in the movement of the waves in the ocean to tell where and what fish are running, and so where to fish, thus  what therapy is needed in this specific situation.

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