Wisdom of life energy from Eastern and Western medical traditions

a holistic healing paradigm which brings together  the wisdom of life energy from Eastern and Western medical traditions with new Quantum science. Qisophia extends my Holistic therapy, in collaboration with other experienced practitioners, to create a unified global approach to healing.

QiSophia offers a way for medicine, metaphysics, psychology, and the ‘new science’ to begin to create a living holistic approach to health and healing.

In the scientific west Quantum physics has changed our matter/energy, space/ time paradigm. The relationship of matter and energy, non-local influence and time emerging from the future, begins to look more like the paradigm which in fact underlies many traditional healing and esoteric approaches. The new science validates the older approaches. Today we need to synthesize influences to develop a new paradigm.

Drawing on the combined wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Anthroposophic medicine (AM), Process Oriented Psychology (POP) and the new Quantum science, QiSophia offers a rich living holistic therapy that points the way for each person to have a relationship with his or her own state of health and disease.

QiSophia develops an understanding of the human as that of a spiritual being in a physical body, with subtle differentiated Qi, life force or etheric/astral forces that are essential to the life of the physical body and without which the physical body can not be fully understood.

A well developed differential diagnosis arising from perception of the Qi through observation of many subtle signs, such as posture, movement, colouration, complexion, smell and symptoms, is combined with the powerful tool of palpation of the pulse and observation of the tongue from TCM. The client/patient’s story together with an understanding of the meaning of their body symptoms in the context of their life is important. Self empowerment and a relationship to ones own condition is central to this healing modality.

Treatment possibilities draw on a range of natural remedies, practices and body based treatment. QiSophia restores health to life and life to medicine.


Course Content

  • The big picture, the nature and evolution of consciousness, levels of healing., and inner path of the healer.
  • The diverse nature of life energy and its manifestations- (Qi east and west.)

  • The 4 bodies, polarities, 5 elements, meridian system and acupuncture points..

  • Study of the organs, including animal organ observation

  • Polarities in anatomy, physiology, and pathology; nerve sense system, metabolic system, cardio-respiratory system and endocrine system

  • Archetypal illness processes e.g. inflammation, sclerosis, cancer,

  • Organic aspects of classical mental illness pictures including reference to elements, ethers and planetary qualities.